Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

You deserve the Best Hearing Aid Solution for the best hearing experience. With Best Hearing Aid Solutions, this begins with ordering the right type of hearing aid with the features that fit your lifestyle. In about ten days after your evaluation appointment, your hearing aids will be delivered preprogrammed from the factory. That’s when we get to work, providing you the individual attention necessary to ensure your hearing aids deliver sound that’s personalized for your ears. We recommend that you have a close friend or family member with you at this appointment. Your hearing aids will be fine-tuned with real ear measures and live speech mapping using a familiar voice. Next, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use your devices
  • Insert and remove them
  • Change or charge batteries
  • Care for and clean the devices

Allow at least an hour for this appointment. Like our other services, you can come to us or take advantage of our mobile hearing clinic and let us come to you. 

Real ear measures and live speech mapping

The first time you insert your hearing aids, you may experience many mixed emotions. That’s okay; it’s completely normal. Through the use of real ear measures and live speech mapping, we’ll adjust your hearing aids until the sounds you hear are clear and amplified properly. Your hearing aids should be comfortable to wear and the sounds you hear should be comfortable as well. Because hearing is subjective, what sounds great to you may not sound the same to another person wearing the same hearing aids. 
Real ear measures involve inserting a small microphone in the ear to check sounds as they are delivered by the hearing aids. Live speech mapping will help you hear better in restaurants, crowds and other challenging hearing situations. 

Adjusting to your hearing aids

Like new glasses, new hearing aids take some time for adjustment. Keep a positive outlook and you’ll have a better adjustment period. After your initial fitting appointment, you can expect one or more follow-up visits. During these visits, you’ll tell us about where you are hearing better and where you might need some improvement.  During your visit, your hearing aids will be adjusted based on your actual experience wearing them.

Your hearing aids should fit comfortably in your ears and deliver sound at a comfortable level. If they don’t, call us right away. We can make small adjustments that result in a big difference in performance.