Mobile Hearing Clinic

Best Hearing Aid Solutions offers a unique service, providing in-home hearing healthcare. All services from hearing testing, hearing aid fitting and follow up appointments can be done in the comfort of your home, senior living facility, or even at your office.

Congested urban settings, heavy traffic, and difficult parking in Houston make the prospect of in-home hearing healthcare very appealing to our patients. It’s just so convenient! Personal mobility problems are no longer a reason to delay hearing your best. Many of our patients have mobility issues and cannot, or prefer not to travel to our offices. With the emergence of concierge medical practices, in-home hearing healthcare is an idea whose time has come. Our advanced audiometry equipment is portable, so we can perform a thorough, professional hearing test and fit hearing aids just about anywhere. Having a mobile hearing clinic means that we can also provide follow up care and hearing aid adjustment in your home or at your workplace.

Call us to schedule or to request visit to your home.