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Our Mission

At Best Hearing Aid Solutions, we firmly believe that enhanced hearing paves the way for an enhanced life. Founded by David Midgley and Darrell Cornelius, licensed and Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialists (BCHIS) with decades of experience in the field, our practice is dedicated to addressing hearing concerns.

Specializing in the treatment of hearing loss, fitting hearing aids, and facilitating reconnection with the surrounding world, we provide a wide array of comprehensive hearing services and hearing tests. These tests ensure we possess vital insights essential for tailoring treatments to your specific hearing needs.

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Best Hearing Aid Solutions is a hearing practice with local ownership, committed to addressing the hearing requirements of adults across all age groups. We operate from four easily accessible office sites across Texas, situated in Houston, The Woodlands, League City, and Kingwood. Darrell Cornelius and David Midgley, our proprietors and hearing experts, boast over 40 years of collective experience in aiding patients effectively in coping with hearing impairment.

Our Services

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Service/Therapy Dogs

At Best Hearing Aid Solutions, we understand navigating hearing loss can be stressful, that’s why we have two service dogs at our offices who are dedicated to brightening your day and helping you feel relaxed during your appointment! Oliver is a Registered Service/Therapy dog, and Malicka is a Licensed Service/Therapy dog. If you would like Oliver or Malicka to be present during your appointment, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every hearing aid manufacturer offers distinct advantages. Being an independent hearing practice, we aren’t limited to a single brand of hearing aids. We have the flexibility to recommend and collaborate with various manufacturers. The optimal hearing aid choice will hinge on factors such as the extent of your hearing loss, your lifestyle, budget considerations, and specific requirements. Our commitment is to collaborate closely with you to identify the most suitable device tailored to your individual needs.

Impaired hearing, whether in one ear or both, might stem from either blocked earwax or hearing impairment. To identify the underlying cause of your muffled hearing, it’s essential to undergo a hearing assessment. Through this evaluation, we can utilize an otoscope to inspect the interior of your ears and pinpoint the source of the blockage causing your hearing difficulties.

Hearing aids do not induce dizziness, vertigo, or other balance issues. If you’re encountering hearing loss alongside balance troubles or dizziness, it could be attributed to the close proximity of the auditory nerve function to our sense of balance. Both functions are housed within the cochlea, situated inside the inner ear.

Yes. Temporary hearing impairment resulting from an ear infection, termed as conductive hearing loss, is possible. It’s advisable to consult your primary care physician for the prescription of antibiotics to treat the ear infection. Should your hearing not return to normal once the infection subsides, it’s prudent to reach out to us for a comprehensive hearing evaluation, as hearing aids may be necessary.

If you encounter sudden muffled hearing in one ear, it’s imperative to reach out to us promptly for a hearing assessment. Sudden hearing loss can occur unexpectedly, without a clear cause. Taking proactive steps such as undergoing a hearing test is crucial for preserving speech comprehension and mitigating the risk of further deterioration in hearing abilities.

If you’re unable to hear from one ear or are feeling discomfort caused by excessive earwax, it’s advisable to seek medical attention. Avoid using cotton swabs to clear your ears, as they may inadvertently push the wax deeper into the ear canal, potentially harming its delicate structures. Similarly, refraining from using ear candles is crucial, as they pose risks of hot wax dripping into the ear, leading to burns and potential complications.

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