About Us

Best Hearing Aid Solutions was founded on the idea of providing the right help for our patient’s hearing with the best technology, at the best price, in the most convenient location.  We are locally owned and owner-operated.  We provide hearing aids, hearing protection, and state of the art audiological testing in our three Houston-area offices or in the convenience of our patient’s home, assisted living facility, or nursing home. 

The hearing instruments we fit are specifically recommended based on the patient’s hearing needs.  Hearing aid technology is undergoing tremendous improvements in recent years.  Enhanced speech clarity in background noise is one of the key benefits that today’s hearing aids offer.  Another key feature is smartphone compatibility.  You can now use your smartphone to control and adjust the way your hearing aids perform in different acoustic environments.  This provides the added benefit of being able to stream an audio signal to both hearing aids wirelessly via Bluetooth signal for better listening enjoyment of telephone calls, audiobooks, and even music.  Rechargeable batteries are another feature that many of our patients love.  This alleviates the hassle of changing batteries on a regular basis.  Simply drop your hearing aids into their charging station in the evening and you’re ready to hear clearly throughout the following day.  On the topic of technology, not everyone needs or wants all the “bells and whistles” that the most advanced hearing aids offer.  For these patient’s, we can provide excellent basic hearing aids with proven technology that enhances speech understanding for a very reasonable price.  All of our hearing aids are manufactured by the nation’s leading brands and are backed by solid manufacturer’s warrantees.  Additionally, we offer a satisfaction guarantee that provides an exchange or refund if needed.

The cost of hearing aids has historically been one of the key factors preventing a large majority of those with hearing loss from getting help.  As a locally owned and operated hearing health care provider, we pride ourselves on the low cost of our hearing aids.  In most cases we can even meet or beat the on-line hearing aid marketers.  We accomplish this by maintaining low overhead.  As an owner-operated business, our patients are working directly with the owner of the business who has the flexibility to find the best hearing solution for the right price.  Most of our patients come to us through word of mouth referrals from our large group of happy patients.  This eliminates the need for expensive marketing campaigns, allowing us to pass this savings on to you.  Additionally, we work with most of the major insurance companies.  If your health plan provides a benefit for the purchase of hearing aids that amount is passed on to you as a discount.  Some of our patients actually pay zero out-of-pocket for their hearing aids!

Another barrier that many of our patients face is mobility.  Some of our patients are unable to navigate the challenges of Houston traffic.  That’s why we offer mobile hearing evaluations and hearing aid fitting and service.  With a full suite of mobile audiology equipment, a patient’s hearing can be thoroughly tested and hearing aids are programmed in the location where real-world hearing matters most… the patient’s residence.  It’s an idea that just makes sense!  Long-term service of hearing aids is another key concern for anyone considering the purchase of hearing aids.  As part of our practice, we provide continued service for the life of the hearing aid.  This continuity of care is important to help our patients get the most from their hearing aids.  You’ll receive ongoing service and maintenance of your hearing aids from the same person who originally programmed and fit the devices.

Hearing loss is a health condition that affects many dimensions of our life.  The basic need to understand, be understood, and communicate clearly all depend on hearing your best!  Don’t wait… call now for a free, no obligation hearing consultation and get on your way to better hearing!